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As for a customized trip, according to your desires, constraints, budget and availabilities, we build you a unique program giving you clues but without revealing the precise details … Once convinced by the proposal, It’s gone for adventure!

We work in partnership with local experts from each region of Spain, for which we have determined together the best activities and accommodations. At the end of your booking with one of our travel advisors / questionnaire, we determine the destination that best suits you and then we develop with our agents on site a surprise trip to your image.

We are focused on Spain. If you don’t want to go to some destinations, you have just to tell us about it and for sure we will not send you there!

A Mirumplan usually includes: Flight Tickets + Accomodation (2nights in City Center Hotel or appartments with a medium-high category) + Authentic Experiences (1) + Personalized guidebook. All this from 250€/p.p. The budget could be adjusted depending on the dates & airport departure.

Mirumplan is committed to keeping your information confidential on its protected database. The goal is to use this data to offer you personalized trips that fit you completely. Our Privacy Policy is at your disposal.

Payments are made by credit card or bank transfer on a secure platform

Once your package is paid, we will book your trip according to your criteria. You will receive a confirmation email at the address you specified in the questionnaire/ or you have told to one of our travel advisors.


The information is then sent in different stages: (approximately)


– 15 days before: departure and arrival times; The meeting place; Things to do …

– 10 days before: Indices on your flight; Indices about your destination, your hotel, your activity, experience, etc.

– 2 days before: The weather of your destination.

– At the airport: your plane tickets, the destination, personalized guide of your trip.

– During the stay: full of surprises!

You can cancel your trip free of charge up to 30 days before your departure (20 € for the costs of the file). In this case, we undertake to refund you by bank transfer. For cancellations made after this date, a fee may be charged. Note that air tickets, once booked, are not refundable. You can consult our General Conditions of Sale.

The clues are simply there to entertain you, but you will have heard of all the essential information for your stay and all the services. You would have free assistance from our travel advisors at any time.

For you to leave in peace of mind you will have the telephone number of our agent on site, the hotel, the providers of activity … and you can also contact us on +34 687 652 826/ +34 680 441 352 or by email info @ One of our travel consultants will be available for you 24/7.

If you were lucky enough to receive a good gift Mirumplan, just contact us with one of our travel advisors, well by chat / email / whatsapp / phone. At the time of payment, you will be able to enter the coupon code. The deduction will be made automatically and you will only have to pay the rest if necessary.