Sales Term

Term of sales

These general terms and conditions govern the services provided by Kite Developments SL (B-90335332) through its Mirumplan brand.

Kite Developments SL is a Spanish company with headquarters in Plaza Cristo de Burgos, 20. 41003 Seville, Spain.

These General Conditions of Sale are systematically communicated to any customer prior to the conclusion of the service contract and will prevail, if applicable, on any other version or other contradictory document. The customer declares to have taken note of these General Conditions of Sales and to have accepted them before the conclusion of the contract of provision of the services.

Mirumplan offers the offers presented on the site

And sells them to any person who has expressly declared – by checking the box provided for this purpose – to have read and accepted these General Conditions of Sale and the descriptions, offered on the site



The contractual conditions below concern the legal relations between you (customer) and us (Mirumplan). They are valid for all participants who have booked and / or participated in a trip to Mirumplan.



Mirumplan is committed to organizing your trip and to providing you with all the services decided at the time of registration. (Transportation, accommodation, transfer, activity, etc.). The customer’s specific wishes are only part of the contract if they have been accepted and confirmed without reservation and in writing by Mirumplan.



By your written, telephone, personal or electronic registration (email, website, etc.), a contract is established between you and Mirumplan. It is at this point that the rights and obligations stipulated in the present general conditions become effective between Mirumplan and yourself.



All prices are quoted in Euro, including VAT. For each of our trips, it is indicated all that is understood and not included in the corresponding price. Upon confirmation of the quotation, the price is firm, final and in euros. Only the services mentioned explicitly in the description of the trip form part of the package. Personal expenses (gratuities, telephone, various guarantees etc.), vaccination costs, visa, optional excursions and, in general, any other services, are not included in the package (unless otherwise stipulated in the description of the trip). Not expressly included in the description of the trip, excess baggage, drinks during meals if they are not mentioned, fuel increases, and any government taxes. The amount of these taxes may be increased or decreased without prior notice by the authorities concerned. The amount of these taxes can not be changed by Mirumplan less than 21 days before departure. The prices applied by the airlines for the extra kilos of luggage, the extra available on board (foods, drinks, magazines …) are not included in the price of services marketed by Mirumplan. Any damage or loss of baggage will be the sole responsibility of the airline.



The method of payment can be done by card or PayPal trough our website.

After making the payment you will receive a Traveler Profile  Form to fill it out. As soon as you send us your Traveler Profile Form, a travel planner will start designing your Mirumplan. You will start to receive gradually key information about your trip according to a phased timescale.

Mirumplan will not be obliged to provide the services ordered by the customer if the price has not previously been paid in full under the conditions indicated above.





A cancellation fee is due when the reservation is final. Any request for cancellation must be sent in writing to the company Kite Investments SL by mail or mail. The date of the postmark or the date of receipt of the e-mail will be the date chosen for the cancellation. In the event of cancellation of your trip, we will reimburse you only the following percentage of the fixed price (excluding the price of tickets of the flights after emission):


More than 30 days before departure: 100% – 20 € for the costs of the file, if applicable.

29-21 days before departure: 90%

20-11 days before departure: 50%

10-0 days before departure: 0%


Note that the conditions for cancellation of tickets for flights are strict. No refund is possible after issuing airline tickets, even if the cancellation date is prior to 30 days before departure.

The actual date of receipt of the cancellation is decisive for the calculation of the aforementioned cancellation fees.

We advise you to take out travel insurance to cover this risk. The amount of the insurance policy as well as the handling fees are always the responsibility of the insured.




Any changes to the order by the customer can only be taken into account by Mirumplan, provided that they are notified by e-mail with acknowledgment of receipt or by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt to Mirumplan 10 days At least before the date set for the performance of the first service.


More than 30 days before departure: 10 € per person

29-21 days before departure: 35 € per person

20-11 days before departure: 65 € per person

10-0 days before departure: 80 € per person


In addition to these costs, the tariff changes applied by the different providers depend on the date of the stay. These tariff modulations will be communicated to the customer before any modification.


NB: certain requests for written amendments may be considered as cancellations:

A departure airport change

Changes to departure and arrival dates

Cancellation of benefits

Exception: Any request to change the name of the participants due to a spelling error or modification of civility will entail only the possible expenses requested by the service provider. Attention, in the case of scheduled flights, these costs may be increased up to the amount of the redemption of the A / R ticket.


To be taken into account:


Any interrupted or abridged journey or any service not consumed by the customer shall not give rise to any refund, in particular all airplane tickets for both the outward and return journeys. If the client has an optional insurance covering interruption of stay, he must comply with the cancellation terms in the general and specific conditions of the insurance policy.

Mirumplan commits itself to the customer only on the services sold. Mirumplan can not be held liable for: Any service contracted by the customer outside the period invoiced by Mirumplan. Any modification of the stay on the initiative of the customer on the spot. In the event of cancellation of the trip, insurance, administration fees are never refundable.


Mirumplan will not be able to maintain the other services in the event of a no-show on a scheduled flight if the customer expressly requests it in writing within 24 hours of the departure originally planned. However, it is still possible that the airline will cancel the return ticket.


In this case, the customer will be able to buy back and return tickets, subject to availability. Mirumplan will then do its utmost to guarantee the other benefits. Expenses incurred in connection with the purchase of a new air ticket shall be borne by the customer. No reimbursement can be made as a result of services not consumed due to the non-presentation of the client on the departure originally planned (hotel nights, meals). If a late arrival should result in additional costs for Mirumplan (such as the organization of a new transfer), these costs will be borne by the customer. If the cancellation of the stay of one of the persons listed on the order form results in the booking of a single room, instead of a double room, the supplement must be paid before departure.



Our prices may be subject to an increase if there is a significant change in the price of fuel, taxes, royalties, currency fluctuations, or any other decisive element of the booked trip.

In this case, Mirumplan will pass these increases on to the selling price, but no later than 21 days before departure. If the price increase exceeds 10%, you have the right, within 5 days of receiving our notice, to terminate the contract by email or registered letter.



If companies (hotels, transport, etc.) are unable to provide their services for unforeseeable reasons, or if unexpected events so require, we reserve the right to provide you with services Similar. In this case, we will endeavor to notify you of program changes as soon as possible. If the new benefit is objectively lower than the initial benefit, Mirumplan will pay you compensation. If, on the other hand, after the conclusion of the travel contract, additional costs arise, this may result in additional costs. If the difference exceeds 10% of the price of the trip originally agreed, you have the right, within 5 days after receiving our notification, to terminate your contract without charge.

In some cases, Mirumplan may also be required to cancel your trip for reasons beyond its control, whether for safeguarding your safety or for other compelling reasons, In the event of non-issuance or withdrawal of landing authorizations, force majeure (such as the level of water too low or too high during a cruise, or the delayed opening of a hotel), conflicting events , Disturbances, strikes, etc. If so, Mirumplan will endeavor to inform you as soon as possible and offer you an alternative.



Passengers must be in possession of either a valid passport or a national identity card of less than ten years. Minors not accompanied by their parents will not be able to register. Completion of the formalities is the responsibility of the client. For modification possibilities, the client will have to reconfirm the obligatory formalities, before his departure. The stay can not be refunded in any case when the participant, as a result of not presenting the valid documents (passports, visas, …) is unable to start on the date indicated.



At the time of the inscription, account will be taken of the rooms desired by the travelers: double room, with two single beds, without our being entirely certain of imposing it on the hotelier. Hotel classification: The number of stars attributed to the hotel establishment in the description corresponds to a classification established by local standards in Spain.



Although we organize the trip, we act only as an intermediary between the participants on the one hand and the means of transport, hotels and other providers on the other. We assume no responsibility for accidents, losses, damages or other unforeseeable incidents. We also decline all responsibility for the effects that force majeure events (strike, war, social unrest, etc.) could have on the program.

Mirumplan disclaims all liability for the services provided by third parties. These are subject to the contractual conditions of the service provider.

We recommend that you take out comprehensive insurance covering medical expenses, accidents and luggage as long as you are not covered by any other insurance.



This data protection refers to the use of personal data which are collected on our website or in connection with our website and pursue the aim of providing a service.

Mirumplan attaches great importance to the protection of privacy, and in particular to data protection. Mirumplan therefore endeavors to process all data entered with the utmost care and complies with the provisions of data protection legislation when entering and collecting data. Personal data are data that relate to an identifiable person such as name, address, e-mail address, telephone number, date of birth, travel preferences, fears, Allergies, food restrictions and spoken languages. You can find more information about data protection in our privacy policy.


The traveler must communicate any failure on the spot to the service providers concerned. He is also obliged to confirm his claim by recommended, not later than 15 after the end of the trip and this to the organizer and / or travel intermediary. If the complaint is addressed to several service providers but at the same time covers the services of Mirumplan, the complaint must in any case also be addressed to Kite Developments SL, at the latest 15 days after your return. If the written complaint is not made within the aforementioned period, any claim for damages ceases. A complaint addressed only to the other parties concerned has no useful follow-up.